Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I book you to entertain at my wedding?

This is where I disagree with a lot of other magicians. A lot of magicians will tell you that they will make your wedding ‘memorable’, I say they are wrong. As the most special day in your life, this will already be memorable for you, your friends and family. What I offer is top class entertainment for your guests during times when energy levels can begin to dip.


Forget the cheesy jokes and top hats, my mind reading entertainment is something different, which creates a buzz around the event, keeps people laughing and allows your day to run smoothly. Most people have seen magicians on TV, and a few have seen them on a stage, but knowing that at any time, their thoughts could be read, up close, adds an air of anticipation that you don’t have with some ‘pick a card’ type magicians.


I also include a special performance for the bride and groom. So often this is overlooked, but it’s my favourite performance of the day. Plus, you’re the ones paying for the service, so it would be wrong for you not to witness it on your special day.



How long should I book you for?

This can depend on the event itself, at what time during the day you would like me to attend and the number of guests attending. Everyone’s requirements are unique and the service that I offer can be bespoke to your day. More information about when you might consider entertainment during the day can be found below.



Do I need to provide any special audio equipment or tables etc?

The short answer is no. As a close-up mentalist, everything that I need is kept in my pockets (and my mind!). You don’t have to provide anything apart from willing participants and a large round of applause.



Would your entertainment be suitable at my event?

I have performed at various events, functions and occasions. I not only entertain at Weddings and corporate events, but also house parties, engagement parties, birthdays, restaurants, product launches, charity events, pubs and clubs, hotel entertainment and all other social/private, corporate functions, occasions and events. If you have a celebration, then I can help entertain your guests.




How far will you travel?

Even though I live in South Wales, I will travel anywhere to entertain for your event. I have been booked as a close up magician and mind reader to entertain at various locations and venues. There is a small travel charge of £1 per mile for anywhere over 40 miles from CF72.



How can my company/business benefit from your entertainment?

I can represent your company/business in many ways. I can provide entertainment as a house magician for customers in your restaurant. This can attract more customers/clients for your business. During a product launch I can customise my routines to put your products at the forefront, ensuring that people are not only entertained, but also fully aware of the focus of the event.



How much do you charge?

This can depend on several different factors including the type of event and length or performance. Several different packages are available, so there is an option to fit most budgets. Please get in touch if you would like more information.



How far in advance can I book you?

You can book whenever you are ready, but booking early is always recommended. For a small deposit you will not only avoid the disappointment of Rich not being available for your event, but it also freezes the price at the time of booking. Any future price increases will be ignored.



Getting in touch

I’m available to contact via phone or email, and I’m always active on both Facebook and Instagram. If you would like discuss your ideas and requirements for event, then I can arrange an enquiry meeting. These meetings are free of charge and you are under no obligation to book me as a close up magician or cabaret magician (and you might even get to see some mind reading up close!)