Wedding Help

Listed below are a few examples of when you may consider some entertainment on your wedding day. Of course, each wedding is unique, and so Rich is happy to work around any needs and requests you may have.



The Photographs

At some point during the day, the happy couple are whisked away for photographs. During this time, an entertainer makes sure that everybody is relaxed and the ice is broken, avoiding any awkward silent moments. It’s also important that people are available when requested by the photographer for group photographs, and Rich’s performance means that people stay gathered as they wait to see what happens next.



The Wedding Breakfast

During the meal, Rich will perform at each table for your guests. Liaising with the venue staff, Rich will make sure that the meal is not interrupted, and his performance can be shortened or lengthened as necessary.



The ‘In Between’ bit

There is usually a period of an hour to an hour and a half in between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. What can be a bit of a lull can be transformed to a time of excitement by adding some entertainment. As evening guests arrive, they are welcomed to laughs and gasps as the seemingly impossible happens in front of their eyes. This means that the energy and atmosphere flows seamlessly from day to night.



The Evening Reception

The best time for Rich to entertain the evening guests is early evening before the disco kicks into full swing. The day guests are eagerly awaiting the buffet and the evening guests have arrived and are enjoying celebrating your day. Rich can mingle with your guests as they gather for the evening events, entertaining them at tables or while they are stood at the bar. The amazement and fun carries on until it's the turn of the disco or band to take over.